About Us

Chris Roberts, founder of Clearwater Contracting LLC, has been able to assist local communities and municipalities for the past 14 years in accepting and providing Trenchless Methods as an acceptable means of replacement for water, sewer, storm, electrical, LP and natural gas rehabilitation or replacements projects.

Beginning as a standard “means and method” utility contractor for the first 14 years of his career, specializing in water, sewer and storm drain infrastructure, Mr. Roberts quickly saw the potential added benefits to pursuing the trenchless market and the cost savings it could offer its customers.

“Providing streamlined and more efficient means of construction and design work is what bringing trenchless to our local markets is all about, not to mention the reduction in localized disturbance but as well as providing the utility users and owners major cost savings. With 27 years of hands-on experience in underground utilities along with offering engineered design build services, there’s solutions we can find that will work for you in every aspect”, says Mr. Roberts.

Clearwater Contracting LLC is always working with municipalities and energy companies to bring them on-board with Pipe Bursting, Cured in Place Pipe, Pipe Slitting, Pipe Extraction and Point Repairs in culturally and environmentally sensitive areas, while exploring the trenchless alternative for replacement of old utility mainlines and infrastructure within their systems.

With backing support from the industries’ top leading manufacturer in Trenchless equipment, HAMMERHEAD TRENCHLESS, along with Hammerhead’s technical support teams, offers Clearwater Contracting LLC major advantages in today’s challenging infrastructure market.